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… on the history of The Elizabethan Club and Alexander Smith Cochran

For digital images from Yale University Manuscripts and Archives relating to The Elizabethan Club at Yale University, search for “Elizabethan Club” at

For a lively and informative account of the launching of The Elizabethan Club, the life and many occupations of the Club’s founder, Alexander Cochran, and his two-year marriage to the aspiring opera singer Ganna Walska, see Walter Goffart’s The Industrialist and theDivapublished by Yale University Press, 2020. 

For a history of the first one hundred years of The Elizabethan Club, see The Elizabethan Club of Yale University (1911-2011): A Centenary Album, published by The Elizabethan Club of Yale University, 2011.

The Elizabethan Club library of Tudor and Stuart literary texts is described in The Elizabethan Club of Yale University and its Library by Stephen Parks. Produced in celebration of the Club’s Centenary, the 2011 publication is a greatly enlarged edition of the catalog first published in 1986. 

For a biographical sketch of the founder of The Elizabethan Club, see “Alexander Smith Cochran” by Richard Selzer in The Yale University Library Gazette, Vol. 73, No. 1-2, October 1998.

For a description of some of the furnishings of The Elizabethan Club house, see “The Elizabethan Club of Yale University” by Marjorie Wynne published by The Elizabethan Club of Yale University, 2006.